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Dreammy Videos

Dreammy Videos is available for free.

This tool gives you the ability to integrate a YouTube video on your song.

How it works?

On UPLOAD page


LOG IN/SIGN IN to your account


Click on upload


On the top menu click on VIDEO tab


Add the ID or the full link of your video

On EDIT page

  • 1 - Log In to your account
  • 2 - Go to your Profile (e.g. on the up-right corner click on your image then "Profile")
  • 3 - Go to your track page (e.g. if you're on Profile page click on the title of one of your tracks)
  • 4 - On the right sidebar click on "EDIT" button
  • 5 - On the top menu click on VIDEO tab and click on "SAVE"
  • 6 - After page refresh, click on "Go Back"

  • Demo available here
  • For any further assistance please use this contact form.

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