Thanks for your interest in the Karatcoin presale!
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We’ve received an incredible response since announcing the project, and are excited to engage with the rapidly growing Karatcoin community.

We are currently running a small sale for people who have expressed early interested in the project.

We encourage you to fill out this form if you are still interested in contributing.
We will be opening up a broader sale on CoinList in the coming weeks

Our vision is to create a people-powered, new economy that offers decentralized financial services that ensure both stable investments, as well as aggressive investments linked to market fluctuations and the desire for future growth and projects.
We will also create an ecosystem for developers to utilize Karatcoin tokens as a framework for various Ðapp developments, thus accelerating adoption of blockchain technology.

Due to the outstanding response, we need to determine how to allocate the remainder of our presale.

Here are the Karatcoin presale application steps:

  • 1. Complete this form (current step, allocate ~10 minutes)
  • 2. Wait for the Karatcoin team to review your application
  • 3. Receive application decision by email
  • 4. Open an escrow account
  • 5. If confirmed, pass Coinlist's KYC/AML/Accreditation Process
  • 6. Receive and sign SAFT
  • 7. Send funds

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We can only offer the presale and main sale to accredited investors.

Check this link to understand what is an accredited investor and what proof is needed.
The SEC website contains the full definition.

In general, any of the following would meet the standard:

  • Individuals with annual income over $200K (individually) or $300K (with spouse) over the last 2 years and an expectation of the same this year.
  • Individuals with net assets over $1 million, excluding the primary residence (unless more is owed on the mortgage than the residence is worth).
  • An institution with over $5 million in assets, such as a venture fund or a trust.
  • An entity made up entirely of accredited investors.

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